Monday, February 13, 2012

Taquile Complex Weaving: Tejido Taquileño

Carnaval Preparations
All the women are weaving actively in preparation for Carnaval, or Marti Gras, the week-long festival that starts on March 20. Dress is very colorful, so instead of the usual black manta, or carrying shawl, women wear a bright red and richly patterned manta.
Below is Delia´s work. You see the bird in process:
She has this previously made weaving of a bird to view as a pattern.

It takes 2 woven pieces sewn together to make the manta. Most of the women weave them in two different warping sessions, but Delia has a large loom and is doing hers all in one long piece which she will cut and assemble.

Below, Inez has a different design. You see her picking out the pattern in the double warp section. The white or the colored threads are brought up or down, one at a time, to make the figures.

And below, Eufrasia is also working in a bird design. Each weft thread is pounded in with a polished llama bone. When women are weaving, you can hear the click click click as she taps the bone against the threads to the wooden dowel.

I have tried repetedly to upload a video of Inez, showing her amazing capability in picking out the pattern on the double warp. I may try again, so check in; I hope you get to see it.

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