Friday, July 13, 2012

Portrait of Juan Quispe in Auction

When figurative painter Michael G. Mitchell met indigenous Peruvian Juan Quispe in December of 2010, he knew he wanted to paint his portrait: the strong cheekbones of a descendent of the Inca, the dignified bearing, the traditional red chullo hat that Juan knit himself and even the wig of multiple fine braids, a gift of his mother's hair. 

Michael has beautifully captured these characteristics, Juan's dignity, his energy and life, rendered in oil on Belgium Linen and mounted on foam core board, ready to frame.
16" x 20" The Portrait was donated to the NFRIA-WSERC Conservation Center, an organization that works to protect the natural, human and economic resources of watersheds in Delta County, Colorado.

The auction is over and the painting was unsold. You should contact me to arrange to offer to buy it.  Original Oil Painting, "Juan Quispe, Nativo de Taquile"

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