Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vistiors on Taquile, part 2

Taquile's tourist season is just beginning. Our family had almost no tourists in January and February, but we have helped to host several groups since we've been here.

Two women who live in London but originally come from Poland and Slovakia had interesting perspectives on such topics as universal health care (better in Poland than England and SHOCKING to think that people in the United States, of all places, don't get the health care they need if they cannot afford it). Two other women, one from Germany and the other from Switzerland, only a short train ride apart; they met on a tour in China. They had their own private boat and guide, but didn't buy any textiles from the family; hardly even looked at them. I wonder what their tour cost and if it was budget, luggage space, or mere disinterest that kept them from buying.

We met a couple from Germany who camped on the beach for over a week, university students. The first time we saw their camp on the beach and their (as yet unused) fire ring of rocks with twigs ready for a fire, Sam got mad and told they they shouldn't be taking firewood from the local people. I checked with Delfin and he said that as long as they only picked up a twig here and there that it was okay. They said they didn't have much money and so were camping, and yet they (of course) own computers and are certainly richer than about anyone on Taquile. Sam apologized, and near the end of their stay we invited them for lunch. They dream of a dance and performance school to encourage children's creativity, located near the Baltic Sea in northern Germany--and of a particular magnetic nearly perpetual motion machine....

Our Paonia friend, Carolyne Metzer, came for about 10 days. She jumped right in to play whole-heartedly with the children. When she was on the boat, she met a couple from Gunnison, a town near our Paonia hometown in Western Colorado. Kelsey and Bryce had planned to only stay on Taquile for a few hours, but stayed overnight and later said that it was the best part of their Peruvian vacation. I'm sure they will visit Taquile again someday. And I'm sure we will connect in Colorado.

Kelsey, Bryce, Carolyn

Sunny Carolyn Metzler on Taquile

Warm and emotional group goodbye to Carolyn after a super 10 day visit

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