Monday, June 24, 2013

Going Away Party

Our last day on Taquile was Friday 26 April, 2013.
(Note: I wrote this blog entry after returning to Colorado, 
so the sequence is out of order with our visit in Lima) 
This entry completes the 2013 stories.

We had time to hike to the top of the island to the ceremonial site called Mulcina.

As is our custom, we had a party for our last night. We baked a banana cake in the Ulog Solar Cooker:

We danced:
Sam with Eufrasia.
 It's hard to keep the women's head cloth, the chuco, on her head as she twirls and swishes the skirts. Eufrasia is holding her head down because it is about to fall off.
Silvano with Ruperta

Even little Clever joined the dancing
The moon rose that night exactly behind Ilimani, a 6,438 m (21,122 ft) Mountain across the lake in the Cordillera Real in Bolivia. As the moon backlit the mountain it appeared to be on fire. By the time we grabbed a camera the light had struck a pathway on the lake:

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