Sunday, February 8, 2015

Arrival on Taquile 22+ January 2015

Reunited with our Taquile Family. Love abounds!

We gave gifts and celebrated our arrival.
One set of gifts continues a "pen-pal" relationship from friends of Nancy S. introducing Alicia´s daughter Jasmin Lisbeth, 3 years old, to their own little daughter of the same age with the gift of a very well made stuffed Moose. Lisbeth loves it, put a leash on it and drug it around, used it for a ball, tossing it in the air. Definitely a hit.
Lisbet with her Moose

golf ball sized hail last September broke through the skylights

We also gave away the LED lights that travelled all around Peru last year, never to arrive on Taquile, but promised to family members, and packaged and labeled. Everyone is happy to receive them. One gift is the Solar Hot Pot donated by S.H.E., Solar Household Energy thanks to Louise Meyer. We are to keep a record of use. It has, so far, boiled water, cooked beets, roasted potatoes, boiled soaked dry corn. It is rainy season, so uses are limited.
efficient Super Bright LED light strips

We also placed equipment into the store of Eufrasia and Delfin to sell. The LED light strips from Super Bright LEDs give 690 lumens for 7.5watts and can light a big room or allow fine weaving detail work under good light. The 100 watt inverters sold out in less than an hour. The charge controllers sold out within a few days. We still have a few battery indicators. They can serve as human charge controllers, warning people to disconnect their batteries if full on a sunny day. I am shocked by the number of people who run their systems without charge controllers, since an over charged battery can blow up. Wish we had brought more.
boat of Elias in progress

view from the top of Mulcina, Taquile Island

Volley Ball in the yard

Mayor Zenon and Florentino, officers of Taquile

Showing LED lights in Taquile City Hall

Snowcapped peaks across Lake Titicaca

New sports field on Taquile

detailed Taquile weaving

Taquile view to an arch

Oh dear, direct tv on Taquile

Hot water is nice

The hike to the top of Mulcina, Taquile

Visiting Chilean jugglers

Fredy is guide, interpreting Taquile clothing

Solar water pumping on Taquile Island

The beach on Taquile

Ivan makes sand bowls with water on the beach

High tech/low tech: solar panel on thatched roof with rubber wash basin

ancient wooden door lock

Clever climbs a rock

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