Monday, February 29, 2016

Solar Trades 2016

Trading for solar technology

At the request of several family members, we brought four 1000w inverters. Natalia and her new man, Herman, needs to be able to work with power tools for carpentry, as do Lino and Fredy for boat making; Delfin wants to power his new freezer in the store;  and one more. The efficient 7.5w LED strips are always a popular item. We didn´t bring enough of the 100w inverters which EVERYONE needs to charge their cell phones.

Carnaval had the great side effect of letting every citizen on the Island know we are here so we could spread the word that solar equipment is available in Delfin´s store--and for trade.

Goddaughter, Natalia, with new man, Herman, showing trade for big inverter, lights, etc.
Elvis and his family happy with their new lights and charge controller

Delfin and Eufrasia with trade goods

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