Saturday, March 19, 2016

More Solar on Taquile

Students get lights 

We have a reputation for bringing the first solar electric energy to Taquile in 1988, starting a movement that now has upwards of 90% of the households on Taquile with Photovoltaic power.  ¿How could we come home to Colorado and say, "Everyone has solar except our own family." Therefore we bought and installed solar in two households serving 5 school students.

The Asunta/Armando branch of the family, who usually live in Lachon on the Capachica Penninsula where grid power is available, will be in school on Taquile this year. Their house had no power, so we bought the panels and battery and installed lights to cook and study by.
we prepare for a coca leaf blessing on the new equipment
This installation will provide study lighting for three students: Kusi, Sarita and Yhoel.
Kusi is delighted with nearly-installed panel and lights

For the Valeria/Lino branch of the family, they have been living in Puno building boats, so their house was also not wired. Happily, Fredy had a panel and charge controller, so all we had to supply was the battery and lights.Juana Luz and Edith are now happy to be able to study in the evenings at home. Grandma Josefa is pretty happy, too.
Juana and Edith are happy to get school supplies as well
Natalia shows Josefa some photos

Natalia and Josefa

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