Saturday, April 16, 2016

Going Away Party

Ultima Dia en Taquile
Our last day of our 30th Anniversary visit to Taquile

Ivan had raised two ducks with the expressed goal of eating them for his 16th birthday party, April 6, which corresponded with our last night on Taquile.

We butchered the ducks the day before, and Ruperta marinated them overnight. Then, we made a Patcha Manca, which is a stone oven for roasting meat and vegetables.
It had rained the night before (our first real rain in a month! too late for most of the crops) so the rocks were wet ad it took quite a bit of fire over several hours to heat them to roasting temperature. Eufrasia kept the fire going with mostly eucalyptus branches and leaves.

 When the rocks were hot enough, Silvano rearranged them so a large flat rock formed a floor. Ruperta then placed the duck meat on the rock. She had marinated it overnight, then wrapped it in paper sacking.
Hot rocks were place on top of the meat, then potatoes and corn, fava beans and sweet potatoes were added. More hot rocks and the whole thing buried under sacking to keep it clean and then dirt for insulation. We feasted on this food for a late lunch.

Going away Party in the evening
The party started from the Patcha Manca plus watermelon for the earliest guests, then volleyball. Dinner was a big soup. Music was live traditional and we danced until midnight. 
guitars and mandolins and a charango
sampoƱas (pan flutes)
The sun came out in time to bake moist banana cake in the solar cookers.
Ivan's birthday cake--Solar baked!
With a coca estallia we made our prayers into a despacho for everyone's well-being, especially for our safe travels and success to be able to return. Speeches about our 30 years of memories.
imbue the leaves with our prayers
Lionnel arrived just in time to connect with us on our last few days.
Edith dances with her godfather, Lionnel.
 Ruperta smiled throughout the whole party--this gal loves to dance!
Ruperta and Silvano dance together
I dressed in extra colorful clothing, Red and magenta.
colorful Tara with smiling Ruperta
The live musicians kept it going until midnight and then the recorded music took over with Delfin as DJ, more beer and coca. We danced until after two a.m.

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