Thursday, January 25, 2018

Preparing for Solar Installation

A household of single women will receive a solar installation, thanks to the YouCaring fundraiser created by Empowered Energy Systems, Brad and Danielle Burritt (see blog post December 2018).

Our dear friend, Fredy Huatta, is now married to Rita and they have a sweet a little 2 year old. Her mother and sister live in a house with an ancient, cracked and barely functional solar panel. Rita sometimes stays here when Fredy is working with his boat and as a guide from Puno.

When we came to measure the house for wiring, and plan the installation, the women made us a fantastic meal:
Chicken Soup and Trout--with potatoes and chuno and corn
We also made a coca-leaf ceremony, offering our prayers for a successful installation, as well as blessings on the union of Rita and Fredy.

So our first trip to Puno includes buying solar panels and batteries:

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