Thursday, March 22, 2018

More Solar on Taquile

Putting advanced solar knowledge to work.
We didn't waste much time using our increased solar education after the solar courses by Asa and Bradley. In Puno we bought two more solar 100w panels plus 100ah batteries, all sized perfectly based on what we had learned.

As always, everything is carried. Here both Santiagos, German and Sam with solar panels rest on the path up from the port.
Santiago and Alicia are presidents of the Huyllano sector of Taquile this year and therefore will be hosting the Choral singing practices for Easter. They needed better power for the electric piano, or teclado. Because their own house is so small, the practice will be held at Santiago's parent's house (later the panel will be moved to their own house, which is under construction). Here Sam, German, Santiago and Delfin are at the roof of Santiago's parent's house, stabilizing the placement of the solar panel. Part of our trade for this installation are some beautiful vests which Santiago is sewing for an order I've accepted from a high school friend from Hermison, Oregon.

The second installation was over the ridge on the Puno side of the island in the home of Delia and Jesus-Santiago. Beautiful view from their house.
Notice island of Amantani in the background.
 This panel is mounted on a pole instead of up on the roof. This allows for angle adjustment if the roof isn't facing the right way, and also gives excellent air circulation under the panel for cooling.
Sam is happy to see the 10amp charge controller light up when properly installed.
Delia and Santiago had planned to delay buying a new panel until next year, just buying the battery and hooking it up to a little 30w panel they already had, but we got a good deal from ElectroSol in Puno for two panels and figure we can postpone completion of the trade with them for their handmade textiles until next year.

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