Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Family Time

These two good friends are cousins, Natalia age 13 and Juana Luz age 14. Both are our goddaughters, growing up and beautiful.

We brought Cusi a gift, a set of artisan projects, from her godparents Luke and Ellen from Gunnison. In this picture she is concentrating on an arrangement of beads for a bracelet for herself. The candle making kit suggested using a hair dryer to warm and soften the pressed wax so it could be rolled around a wick, but we figured out that body heat would do the trick! We've had fun working together with the projects.

Cusi's little sister, Sarita. On our 2006 trip Sam made a very special relationship with her just as she was learning to walk! Now they are fast friends.

Sam has remade a magic relationship with sweet, shy Cecilia. I did something to make her laugh and slightly cover her face just as I snapped the picture. He admits that these little girls easily steal his heart.

Laundry drying at the rough dock just below our house.My good friend, Nancy Schweiger, eats watermelon here with Eufrasia. Nancy and Sue Pritchett are godmothers to Ivan, Silvano and Ruperta's oldest son. This is their first visit since cutting his hair in the godparent ceremony 7 years ago.


  1. Hola Sam y Tara -

    How wonderful to view your posts from Taquile! It looks like you are (again) having a magical time in the middle of Lake Titicaca. And I agree...those cute little kids definitely steal my heart, too. Please greet Silvano, Eufrasia, Natalia and the rest of the Huatta clan for us.

    Michelle and I are soon moving to Bellingham, WA, where I will be starting a job with the NGO ForestEthics and she will be working on her teaching degree at Western Washington University. It's a world away from Taquile, but a fabulous locale in its own right.

    Best wishes on the rest of your travels...

    En paz - Mark


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