Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taquile Youth in Lima

We arrived in Lima Friday night and met Delfin the next morning. Luckily, these young people all have cell phones, so we can connect easily. He shares a room with Alex (who is brother to Maria, wife of Elias); they both have jobs in small motor repair shop. The roof of their apartment is perfect for solar cooking, so we left him an instruction booklet on how to make a box cooker. We´ll see if this young bachelor will go to the trouble to make and use it. Fredy came from his Chicken raising job and spent a whole day with us.

Noemi is happily with her husband, Alejandro, with their fat happy 9-mo-old baby, Alexander (pronounce it in Spanish). All these young adults are ages 24-27, except Noemi´s husband who is 42. We wondered about the age difference, but he is a wonderful father, and they seem happy in love, and his Mother and sisters love Noemi and the baby. We are deeply reassured to see our oldest god-daughter taken care of and happy.

Sunday we took everyone to the big Anthropology Museum. We like taking our family to museums or archeological sites since they probably wouldn´t spend the entry fee or the time to go by themselves--and after all, this is THEIR culture. My favorite piece there is a small sculpture of a deer and her fawn in a lovely tender pose, which I remember from 1988, our last visit to that museum. Noemi was especially taken with the textiles, being a skilled weaver herself.

Monday it was the Museo Amano: this small museum has a beautiful collection of pre-Columbian pottery and a room full of textiles. Entrance is free with an advance appointment required, and every group is guided. The guide remembered us from last year, and after the tour gave me her contact information with an invitation to make a special appointment when we bring our textile-artist family so they can take more time to study the work. Noemi couldn´t be there since she had to work, soI hope her husband will bring here there some day. Delfin and Alex are skilled knitters and spinners, and appreciated the complex fine weaving, more like the work of their mothers and sisters. In particular Delfin noted a "sampler" which contained about 20 different textile techniques in different sections which had been sewn together.

We´ve enjoyed playing with the baby; spent some time in shady parks. Taking everyone out to dinner is always a fun outing. Telling family jokes and stories from our many visits. When my spanish wasn´t so good, I warned Celbia not to choke on bones in the soup, but mixed up "huesos" with "huecos," so she had to stare at her soup to figure out how their could be a "hole" in it! Hard to say goodbye, but Lima is hot now in summertime and we´re looking forward to seeing the rest of the family in the cool highlands of the Altiplano.

We leave Lima tonight (Tuesday Mar 2) for Arequipa by express bus for a brief stop before heading on to Puno and Taquile.

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