Friday, January 6, 2012

Beginning the 2012 trip to Taquile

Sam and I prepare now to launch our 12th trip to Peru since 1986. Our flight will arrive in Lima on January 13, 2012. After a brief stop in Lima to visit our goddaughter, Noemi, her husband and their new baby, we will travel on to Taquile for the next two months. We plan to enjoy Candalaria, the biggest festival of the year for Puno, Peru. Then for Carnaval (Marti Gras), two of our family members are leaders of groups who will dance in processions from house to house in a colorful musical celebration for the whole week. We plan also to take a few adventurous outings, trade a couple of solar panels, and spend lots of time playing with children, helping in the kitchen and fields, telling and listening to stories.

I will tell as many stories as I can here on this web log whenever I'm off the island where internet service is available. Stay tuned!


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