Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lima and Puno, First leg for 2012

We arrived in Lima Friday the 13th; the only bad luck was a lo-o-ong wait in the immigration line but people were in good spirits and we met some nice folks. The next day we met up with family: Felipe with his daughter from his second marriage, Illiana, plus our dearest of dear young men, Fredy. Fredy knows a couple of phrases in English: "I love you," and "See you tomorrow." So sweet. He works in a chicken raising business a 2-hour bus ride north of Lima and is saving mony to build a boat on Taquile with his father. Felipe owns a house in Lima (where he fixed us breakfast) and had come from Taquile to take care of some business in the city; we'll see him back on Taquile later this week.

Felipe led us on a little tour up to a big hill in Lima, Cerro San Christobal, a viewpoint for this huge sprawling city. Lima is of the biggest, and not my favorite, but has a new city rail line, its first leg just opened, and is building a new road to a tunnel to connect otherwise difficult to reach sections. It seems quite prosperous. Peru's economy is one of the most healthy in the world in these difficult economic times.

Sam and ten-year-old Illiana hit it off right away. She loved being up high, carried on his shoulders. He has a great time winning the friendship of these little girls, being able to wrestle and horse around. They seem to love having a grown up playmate.

Some readers may remember Felipe and his former wife, Celbia, who came to Colorado in 1988. We were mad a Felipe for leaving Celbia, but it is time to move on. We will see Celbia very soon on Taquile.

We were unable to meet with our goddaughter, Noemi, and her husband, Alejandro, son and new baby. They were working the agricultural lands of Alejandro's mother 3 hours north of Lima in Huacho. We will make sure we meet up with them in March. I would love to see the farm rather than stay in Lima.

Sunday we got on the bus to Puno via Arequipa; we've done this bus ride before, but never in one long shot; grueling; watched movies including Harry Potter the Philosopher's Stone in Spanish with English subtitles.

Dear Delfin met us at the bus station Monday afternoon. We spent the day on Tuesday in several markets buying lots of groceries and supplies for our family. The whole family will eat well while we're there. I love the markets: each vendor has his\her own stand, with lovely displays of fruits or vegetables. We make a little relationship with each one as we make our choices.

Then this evening came Jorge Ivan (Silvano's 11-yr-old son) and Alicia (his sister) with her new husband and baby. Alicia seems very happy, Santiago seems like a nice man, a little shy. His family owns a tienda and a boat. We'll get a ride to Taquile in his boat tomorrow morning.

We will next return to Puno for Candelaria, a huge celebration of typical dances from all over the country with costumes and music. I'll add some pictures to THIS post and update the blog again after February 1. Thanks for reading my blog and please be welcome to comment here or on Facebook.

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