Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lachon´, Capachica

Sam and I peeled off from our Putina excursion to visit Asunta and Armando and family (Kusi, Sarita and Yoel) in Lachon´ on the penninsula of Capachica. They live in a beautiful spot on a high point overlooking the lake. They built a big dining hall a couple of years ago, the thatch roof had failed so a few months ago they put up a calamina roof. The windows overlook the lake. A comfortable tourist room adjoins the comedor, which is where we slept.

The weather was really windy. As we soon learned, the Taquile Collectivo boat had to turn back to Puno. The waves were so high and dangerous that they couldn't continue. In the meantime, Sam and I were watching the waves from our cozy viewpoint through the picture windows of the comedor. Several tourist boats heading for Amantani or Taquile stopped off at Lachon since the water was too rough to continue. It's green and beautiful, terraced.

The family was so welcoming that they actually butchered a sheep for us! They'll turn the leftovers into charqui, or jerky. The sheep belonged to little Sarita, whom Sam taught to walk when she was a year and a half old in 2006. Armando said that they wanted to have sheep meat for the men who helped install the new roof, but she didn't want to give her sheep for that, but when they asked her if she would give it for Sam and Tara, she enthusiastically agreed! I can't say that we had wished for such a gift, but we certainly felt honored.

Armando will teach the upper grades of the private elementary school on Taquile this school year, which starts next week, so they won't be in Lachon´for the tourist season again, in spite of their nice facilities.

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