Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Putina: Hot Springs Excursion

We traveled with a group from Taquile to San Antonio de Putina to enjoy the hot springs and a little adventure. Our group included Eufrasia and Delfin, Ruperta and Silvano with their two little boys, Ivan and Clever, plus Fredy. W stayed two nights, three days. We had been there 8 years previously and found it relatively unchanged.

The town is full of hot springs, even a little stream ran under the patio in our hotel. They could dip from the flowing stream to bathe. We didn't need to, naturally, since we went to the hot springs at least once or twice a day.

The town has a big play pool, which we went to the first afternoon. Water tepid but good for lots of little boys to play and splash and make noise. The private baths are a very slow fill, though nice and hot. The smaller pool up the hill is much quieter and hotter. They had added an octopus shaped slide since we were there last time. The private baths filled up a lot faster and were actually too hot and needed diluted with cold water to even be able to enter.

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